Taking place in the fictional Southern Californian campus of Walnut University, Carl Lester wants nothing more than to get through the school year and get on with his life. An unexpected roommate arrangement with an oddly-named Dude Brosmith, on the other hand, might change some perspectives.

And all it takes is 10 months.



(in no particular order)

Carl Lester

Age: 19

Major: Biology

That creepy convenience store employee with unusually green, hungry eyes. But under that flamboyant exterior, is he really all that creepy? He's strangely fixated to the lunar cycle, for whatever reason. When Carl isn't studying or reading, he's working at the 24-7, a popular convenience store nearby Walnut University. 

Dude Brosmith

Age: 24

Major: Undeclared

A music-junkie whose name encompasses his essence. Dude is the life of the party, a total ladies man, and unconcerned about his future: a grown man who never wants to grow up, or at least, never leave college. He surfs on weekends and listens to music through his wireless headphones. 

Hibiscus "Hibbie" Brosmith

Age: 22

A true Southern Californian girl, with sun-kissed skin and fresh-picked flowers in her hair. Hibbie is Dude's cousin, his closest friend, and his occasional wingman. They keep in touch on a regular basis. Lately, she's been having some boy trouble, and has been seeking Dude's advice. 

Mr. Wong

Age: early 40s

The towering, iron-browed manager of the 24-7. Mr. Wong takes no shit from anyone, ever. Although, sometimes he has difficulty with the nacho cheese machine.

Sampson Irving

Age: 18

Major: Undeclared, leaning to Sociology

A nervous, mousey employee at the 24-7 Convenience Store. Sampson just started his freshmen year at Walnut University, where he's slowly adjusting to life in California. Unfortunately, his co-worker Carl is making things a bit difficult and scary for him.