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31st Jul 2012, 10:00 AM

Making situations uncomfortable is Carl's special ability. If he were an X-Men, that would be his mutant power, never mind the full moon-bit.

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snarkington 31st Jul 2012, 10:23 AM Reply
I really admire his ability to say the worst possible thing. HE IS THE MASTER
Kupocake 31st Jul 2012, 11:26 AM Reply
If Carl wasn't a poor college student, he'd run a dojo for the creeper arts.
snarkington 31st Jul 2012, 6:03 PM Reply
I would really like to see an instructional video from that class. Preferably one that looked like it was filmed in the '80s.
Kupocake 31st Jul 2012, 9:07 PM Reply
Carl will put on the spandex and sweatbands then.

...on second thought, that's a terrible idea.
Rinkel 31st Jul 2012, 10:29 AM Reply
Oh Carl... definitely the ultimate cockblock.
Kupocake 31st Jul 2012, 11:26 AM Reply
You have to wonder about Carl's previous roommates... XD
Centcomm 31st Jul 2012, 10:31 AM Reply
I agree with Rinkel.. that pretty much says it all >_<
Kupocake 31st Jul 2012, 11:26 AM Reply
alexlafan 31st Jul 2012, 10:37 AM Reply
bwahahaha génial fantastic
Kupocake 31st Jul 2012, 11:26 AM Reply
Thank you! XD
MeatPopsicle199 31st Jul 2012, 11:13 AM Reply
In the last page I felt sorry for Carl, Now I feel sorry for Dude... xD
Kupocake 31st Jul 2012, 11:27 AM Reply
You can never choose just one side! XD
Centcomm 31st Jul 2012, 11:32 AM Reply
thats sooo true .. i feel sorry for the girl , let the boys fight it out >_<
Nightsky 31st Jul 2012, 12:28 PM Reply
I like how neither Miyuki nor Dude seem to care about Carl's glowing green eyes. Well, maybe Miyuki, given her scream back there...
Rinkel 31st Jul 2012, 1:24 PM Reply
Yup! Disregard the eyes, focus on the Carlblock.
Kupocake 2nd Aug 2012, 11:21 PM Reply
Whoa how the heck did I miss this comment.

Nah I'm pretty sure Miyuki saw the glowing green eyes. It's a wonder how Dude disregarded them. XD
Fnibble 31st Jul 2012, 3:39 PM Reply
I'm spending way too much time trying to figure out what's taped on the door..

Also, first panel Miyuki=lolz.
Kupocake 31st Jul 2012, 4:58 PM Reply
It's an emergency evacuation plan with phone numbers on it. What every dorm/hotel room seems to have. XD

Poor, poor Miyuki.
chris-tar 31st Jul 2012, 11:41 PM Reply
Don't you think it would be rude to have sex right above someone's head while they are trying to sleep? lol
Kupocake 1st Aug 2012, 7:48 AM Reply
When you got a hot chick in your arms, you don't really care about that creeper who lives right below you. XD
skorpen 1st Aug 2012, 7:52 AM Reply
aaaand, we have ubercreepitude.
Kupocake 1st Aug 2012, 11:31 AM Reply
Carl pretty much embodies UberCreepitude.
Prongs 1st Aug 2012, 9:50 AM Reply
Jeepers creepers, it's the night creeper!
Kupocake 1st Aug 2012, 11:31 AM Reply
Worse -- it's Carl!
FaffleMaster 3rd Aug 2012, 9:52 AM Reply
Carl- the best form of protection.
Kupocake 3rd Aug 2012, 5:09 PM Reply
If a million Carls existed, sex would be obsolete.
Real Hero 7th Aug 2012, 9:03 PM Reply
Real Hero
Carl, Carl, Carl...*cue 'oh you' meme*
Kupocake 8th Aug 2012, 8:03 AM Reply
Real Hero 9th Aug 2012, 6:57 AM Reply
Real Hero
Indeed. :P
Andre61 8th Aug 2012, 2:17 PM Reply
not cool at all, he was with his lady
pointyearedteam 13th Dec 2012, 5:52 PM Reply
Oh my God. His creepiness. It's so... amazing.